4 Reasons Why Raijin Prefers to Practice Ninjutsu Martial Arts

4 Reasons Why Raijin Prefers to Practice Ninjutsu Martial Arts

If you are looking for a martial arts class for your child, look no further than Raijin Self Defense in Bay Shore. We offer Kids Martial Arts Classes that are perfect for children of all ages and experience levels. Our program is designed to help students achieve their personal goals, while also providing them with […]

How Your Child Can Grow From Martial Arts Classes at Raijin Self Defense

When it comes to martial arts classes for kids, there are many benefits that your child can reap. At Raijin Self Defense in Bay Shore, we not only teach self-defense techniques that could one day save their life, but we also instill important values such as discipline and respect. See some of the ways in […]

Here’s Why Your Child Will Love Attending Raijin’s Self Defense Classes

Many children spend the majority of their days online and playing with technology. Even when they are playing with other kids, are they collaborating to make something creative or building cool things together the way many of us did as kids? At Raijin’s Self Defense, we provide the Bay Shore with a healthy alternative. Here’s […]

4 Benefits to Practicing Ninjutsu Martial Arts

Ninjutsu is a centuries-old self-defense art that stemmed from ancient Japanese military combat styles. Over the centuries, ninjitsu has been incorporated into mixed martial art practices to create a modern self-defense style. When you develop and train with ninjutsu through Raijin Self Defense, you start to see several benefits in your day-to-day life. Here are […]

4 Ways Raijin Self-Defense Stands Out From the Competition

When it comes to finding a reliable and professional martial arts organization, it can be hard to determine where to go. What sets one business apart from the others? How do you know that you’re getting an education from a reliable and knowledgeable source? At Raijin Self Defense in Bay Shore, we strive to show […]